Pasta Roni Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs



About Pasta Roni

In 1964, Vince DeDomenico and his wife Mildred traveled to Rome. They dined at Alfredo’s Restaurant and enjoyed a dish called Noodles Alfredo. Vince was inspired to bring this dish to America, and went back to San Francisco to develop it. He called this new product Noodle Roni. The first Noodle Roni flavor was called Parmesano, named for its Parmesan and Romano cheese sauce. Like Rice-A-Roni, Noodle Roni was also successful, and additional flavors including Romanoff, Stroganoff and Fettucine Alfredo were soon added. In 1995, Noodle Roni changed its name to Pasta Roni.

Today, Rice-A-Roni and Pasta Roni are both leading brands in the grocery store. We still make our classic flavors like Chicken and Beef Rice-A-Roni and Angel Hair Parmesan Cheese and Fettucine Alfredo Pasta Roni, along with new favorites inspired by more worldly cuisines. We are also continuing to develop new products to meet the developing tastes and needs of our consumers, including products like Rustic Recipes, which is made with rice and pasta with no preservatives and no artificial flavors. With over 30 Rice-A-Roni flavors and over 20 Pasta Roni flavors available, there’s something for everyone!


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