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Updated: AUGUST 2018 operated by Bazaar Xclusive with its registered address at Level 1, 31-33 Oxford Street, Surry hills NSW 2010 AUSTRALIA is an online retailer of consumer goods.

BAZAAR XCLUSIVE values our relationship with you and the other users of this website. We recognize that you may be concerned about how we collect, hold, use, protect, and disclose your personal information. We have implemented this Privacy Policy to inform you of the personal information that we collect from you, how we collect and hold this information, and what we do with it after the collection including security measures to keep it safe. If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via our contact us page, email us via

BAZAAR XCLUSIVE `s Commitment to Online Security

Your personal information is treated with the greatest of care. Sensitive information such as credit card details, as well as customer login credentials, are NEVER stored or transmitted in a non-encrypted form, with the strongest commercially available cryptography applied to protect it. All our systems are constantly security monitored and checked for the latest vulnerabilities and malware threats. We treat all customer information as confidential and restrict access to it for authorized and vetted personnel only. Physical access is restricted by providing secure data storage facilities. Although no one can guarantee that a compromise of our systems will never take place, we have taken significant measures to protect your information.

BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  uses NAB Transact to provide secure environment for authorisation of credit card and charge card transactions. Confidential information including card details are encrypted using industry standard TLS encryption technology.

Personal Information 

The personal information we collect from you and hold includes information that is necessary for us to offer goods or services to you, and to deliver these goods and services. This includes your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. 

We collect personal information directly from you, and occasionally via third party suppliers. We may also collect personal information directly from you when you contact us (for example, when you make a telephone enquiry) and when you use BAZAAR XCLUSIVE .com or our mobile application.

Personal information is also collected directly from you via a series of forms which you complete including:

a) Membership Registration

BAZAAR XCLUSIVE `s registration form requires you to provide us contact information (email address) and may occasionally require demographic information. You may withhold certain information if you wish to do so, such as your real name when acting under a pseudonym. We do not require any other personal information at this stage.

b) Passwords

You are responsible for all actions taken with your user name, email address and password. Therefore, we do not recommend that you disclose your BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  password to any third parties either on purpose or by accident (for example, by writing it down where it can be seen by others, or by having it saved at someone else`s computer or phone). We strongly discourage you from using the same password for online services provided by other vendors, as their security controls may be weaker than those of BAZAAR XCLUSIVE group. We also recommend changing your password once in three months.

c) Address and telephone number

When you place an order on our website or via our mobile Apps we will require you to insert your address, telephone number, and any other information relevant to your order, including your payment information and information about your payment method. We may require you to provide us with your full name and not rely on any pseudonym you may have used to access the website. We will require your full postal address and when we are unable to rely on or deliver to a P.O. Box. We also require your telephone number to contact you regarding the order or service that you have purchased, or for other reasons.

Personal information from third parties 

Personal information that we collect via third parties is information that you have consented to share with us. For example, if you choose to login to our website using a third party login service such as “login with Facebook”, then you consent to share your basic information with us. This basic information includes your name, e-mail address, gender, and date of birth.

We may require further personal information and will prompt you to supply us with that information (such as your address and contact details) when you place an order.

How we hold your personal information

Information that we hold about you is held in a firewall protected, restricted user access, encrypted database. We carry out regular user access audits, access logging, security monitoring, and daily PCI scanning.

We rely upon you to correctly provide your personal information and we provide you with the ability to view and to amend that personal information as necessary as detailed below.

To view and amend the information we store:

You can view the personal information we store via the My Account Section of the website or App including your registered username, password, email address or date of birth. We also enable you to store and amend up to three addresses for the effective delivery of goods.

If you would like to access any other personal information which we hold about you, or if you would like to seek amendment of that information, you can do so by contacting us via our “contact us” page, or email us at privacy@BAZAAR XCLUSIVE .com

Purpose for which we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information

We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information for the following purposes:

  • To send you offers of goods and services that you have opted in to receive from us via e-mail. You can choose to opt out and stop us using your personal information for any future direct marketing by selecting the unsubscribe option on any of the e-mails that we send to you. You can also select unsubscribe on our website or in apps, contact us via our Contact page, email us via privacy@BAZAAR XCLUSIVE .com and request to be unsubscribed.
  • To allow you to access our website and view the offers that we have made.
  • To complete or fulfil an order of goods or services that you have made from us.
  • To respond to your enquiries and fulfil your requests.
  • To disclose your personal information to third parties to deliver goods or services that you have purchased from our website. We disclose this personal information only to ensure that we complete the primary purpose for holding your personal information and for no other reason. The list of potential recipients of your personal information includes the following, some of which may include overseas disclosure:

A supplier who requires your personal information to complete a delivery or service where that supplier is delivering the goods or providing a service to you on our behalf.

Postal and Courier companies who are contracted to complete a delivery service on our behalf receive a manifest which includes names, addresses and, where necessary, telephone numbers to contact you to complete delivery.

Customs documents must also contain your personal details when you are purchasing from a sale that is fulfilled from overseas.

In addition, we also print your personal information on the parcels, but we do not publish this information or make it available for any other purpose other than to ensure the delivery of goods.

Exceptions to disclosure limitations

We never sell, rent or use your personal information, or disclose any personal information other than for the above reasons or other than where we are required or authorised by or under an Australian law or a court/tribunal order to do so.


BAZAAR XCLUSIVE uses Bikash, a division of PayPal to provide a secure environment for authorisation of credit cards and charging card transactions. We also offer Stripe. Confidential information including credit card details are encrypted using industry standard TLS 128-bit encryption technology.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, neither the BAZAAR XCLUSIVE members will be liable or bear the responsibilities for any loss or damages of any kind, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential losses, not arising from clear and proven negligence of BAZAAR XCLUSIVE personnel. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from force majeure events such as natural disasters or terrorist acts, or from customer negligence such as security breach of customer accounts due to account password being shared with third parties including password re-use with other online services vendors, or from customer personal computers being compromised.  

Security/Fraud Prevention Tips

While BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  takes numerous precautions to protect security and confidentiality of your personal information, many customers ask what steps they can take to further ensure their account security. Below are recommended tips to help you avoid fraud or identity theft: 

Log In

Protect yourself and your information against fraudulent web sites by always checking the URL/Address every time you log in. BAZAAR XCLUSIVE URL that should appear in your browser contains “”. Please note the “https://” part and your browser stating the connection is Secure with a lock displayed. These features must be present at all times.  

Log Off

After you have finished your secure online session, you should always use the Log Off link to end your session. After you log off, no further transactions can be conducted without re-entering your username and password.

Please beware of suspicious E-mails or other suspicious inquiries. Never provide your username or password to anyone who contacts you unsolicited, whether by E-mail, any other online means, or on the phone.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored in a browser-related file on your computer`s hard drive when you use our Web site. We use cookies to improve users experience. We also use them to deliver information and fresh content specific to your interests. Cookies are widely used by all e-commerce Web sites.

BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  mostly uses “session” cookies, which are removed from your computer once you leave BAZAAR XCLUSIVE . These are used so that our service can remember that you have logged in and remove the inconvenience of having to log in frequently. The technology we employ (Microsoft .NET) requires the use of session cookies. Session cookies expire, and are deleted after 30 minutes of no activity on BAZAAR XCLUSIVE .

BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  also uses persistent cookies to personalise user experience, to help protecting our members, and to provide us with research information (such as how often our members visit BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  each month). Persistent cookies allow us to track users on BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  and help us identify users abusing BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  services.

Membership Removal

If you wish to be removed from our database for any reason, simply send us an email requesting to be removed via our “contact us” page.


If you would like to make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, please contact us via our “contact us” page, email us via Once we receive your complaint, we will endeavour to respond to your complaint within a reasonable period. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, you can take your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Updates to this Privacy Policy  

BAZAAR XCLUSIVE  reserves the right to add to, delete or change these terms because of frequent changes in Internet technology and applicable law. As such, you should check this Privacy Policy from time to time for such changes.